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ONGC backed sea survival training centre in Goa inaugurated by PM Modi.


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123 METS™ HUET simulators in 30 countries. Only 1 in India.

  • As the top HUET training operator nationwide, we surpass regulatory standards in the Oil & Gas sector, offering immersive and life-preserving training.
  • With three locations across India, our on-site facility instils confidence through tailored programs, preparing individuals to confront critical challenges in realistic emergency scenarios.
  • SSI, with the Modular Egress Training Simulator (METSTM), is India's exclusive training centre connected to a global network of esteemed international facilities, providing scenario-based practical training for energy workers with precision and efficiency.

ONGC backed integrated sea survival training facility.

Constructed by Survival Systems India in Mumbai, this unique, cutting-edge facility features an advanced Survival Training Simulation Theatre for realistic helicopter sea crash and escape scenarios in diverse conditions like rough seas, smoke, and varying light. It includes simulators like HUET, Rescue Hoist, Wave Simulator, and Environment Simulators.

Turn key solutions

SSI has built and managing sea survival training facilities.

Embark on a journey of seamless implementation with our turnkey solutions, meticulously designed for the planning, construction, and proficient management of cutting-edge Sea Survival System facilities. Guiding you seamlessly from the inception of initial blueprints to the culmination of final operations, we offer unwavering comprehensive support.

Our commitment is unwavering, ensuring not only efficiency but also effective integration to surpass the highest safety standards in maritime survival training. Experience the assurance of a robust and well-integrated system that prioritizes safety throughout every phase of your maritime training endeavors.